Ella, Caitlin, and Emily of Brunswick East Primary School are so enthusiastic about their school vegetable garden they have called on the Greek gardening expert Vasili for guidance.

Vasili from Channel 31 Vasili’s Garden will visit the school on July 28 to help them establish an orchard and give them tips to grow new vegetables.

According to Ella, the girls helped to establish the garden last year because, “some people don’t have gardens at home and so a new garden would mean that everyone could work in it.”

“We also wanted to teach people that you don’t have to buy things, you can grow them,” said Caitlin.

Emily said that they were hoping Vasili would help them to improve the soil of their orchard so that they could plant fruit trees.

The school plans to renovate their classrooms to install kitchens so that they can cook more of the fruits and vegetables that they are growing.

The parent community are also in the process of building a pizza oven near the vegetable garden.

“We will have markets and community events where herbs and vegetables can be picked fresh and tossed onto pizzas or into a dish cooked in the new oven,” said parent volunteer Tania Sloan.