The Greek-Australian Cultural League (GCL) is offering $1500 in scholarships to two students of Modern Greek at Monash University in Melbourne.

Greek-Australian Cultural League president Cathy Alexopoulos said the scholarships are an important way of promoting the league’s aims.

“Part of our objective is to promote Greek language, and I thought this would be helpful,” she said.

The two scholarships will be presented in front of other students in March 2011 for two students who complete Modern Greek subjects in 2010.

Ms Alexopoulos said Greek-Australian Cultural League, which turns 40 this year, consulted closely with Monash University Professor of the Department of Classical Studies, Professor Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, who will award the prize.

“We’re not basing it on gender, or where they come from or whatever – it’s based on academic performance,” she said.

The Modern Greek Language programs at Monash Unveristy are new this year, and Ms Alexopoulos credits the program to the some very passionate students who approached Dr Anagnostou-Laoutides.

“They were hounding her, shall we say, for quite a while,” she said.

Ms Alexopoulos said the financial incentive was the most effective way of promoting Greek language studies among students who are at university.

“It should go directly to the students, not to the office or the department, so we can encourage and support them,” she said.