The Baillieu Government is under pressure to consider laws already in place in fellow states regarding police powers to require motorists and others suspected of criminal offences to uncover their faces for proper identification.
Islamic leaders have agreed that the power of the law should take precedence over religious custom. The Islamic Council of Victoria director Nazeem Hussain said new laws should be carefully monitored so that police do not abuse their power. The organisation also mentioned that Muslim women should be allowed to ask for the company of a female police officer if they do not wish to reveal their faces in front of a policeman.
Police Association state secretary Greg Davies said there is a need for clear cut guidelines to the legislation about what powers police authorities will have.
The New South Wales Government has already put this law in place, saying it will draw up a legislation to allow police to force the removal of any kind of facial covering be they burqas, niqabs or motor cycle helmets.