Greece’s best Eurovision entries

Elena Paparizou can't get all the fame for Greece's impressive Eurovision entries. Neos Kosmos looks back at some of the most memorable acts presented by Greece.

Elena Paparizou – My Number One

Paparizou brought Eurovision to Greece thanks to his amazing song in 2005.
It had the hot girl factor, an impressive reveal near the end of the song where Elena played makeshift strings that appeared from a dancer’s back, and it was damn catchy.
“You’re my lova… undercova… you’re my only passion and I have no otha.” Brilliant!
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Michalis Rakintzis- S.A.G.A.P.O

Horrible accents, off key for most of the song, and consumes reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys millennium tour, what’s not to love? Unsurprisingly, this song came 17th in the 2002 competition but has remained a favourite for die hard Eurovision fans.
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Sofia Vossou – Anoixi

This 1991 classic was a huge hit in Greece, and rightly so. It was nothing but Sofia Vossou’s voice filling the stage, making the hugely difficult song sound like it was effortless.
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Kaiti Garbi – Ellada Xora tou Fotos

Kaiti Garbi was the sex symbol of the 1993 Song competition, shimmying her way through a very catchy tune and demanding attention with a very revealing dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. But, she nailed her song on stage, and made it into the top ten of the final.
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Antique – Die For You

Greece enters the 21st century and finally sings a song in English, albeit the chorus.
Elena Paparizou takes her first stab at the Eurovision stage as the lead singer of duo Antique. While she looked nervous, she had impressive dance moves and a song that truly represented the early 00s. Die For You got Greece third place… almost a predictor of what was to come with Paparizou’s second attempt.
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Sakis Rouvas – This is Our Night

After the success of Shake It in 2004 when he came third, Sakis Rouvas’ next try was looked at as a sure thing.
No expense was spared for 2009 This is Our Night. The song was flawless (there was a key change) the stage performance included a magic conveyor belt, a phallic platform that rose up at the end of the song and vigorous dancing.
It might have looked impressive on paper, but it was a hot mess on stage.
Sakis actually almost gyrated out of his white shirt, his vocals were off thanks to his demanding dance routine and the big reveal at the end was just too much.
Sakis was left deflated and disappointed, actually apologising for his quite respectable seventh finish.
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