Greek controversial economist and former Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis is re-entering politics with a new party, set to be launched on 26 March, one day after Greece’s National Day of Independence.

The new party’s name has not been announced yet, however, it is affiliated with Croatia’s DiEM25, a movement Varoufakis co-started with Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat while in Berlin back in 2016.

DiEM25 which stands for The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, aims to “re-politicise political decisions and to democratise the decision making process.”

In a tweet, Varoufakis said: “Three years ago today the Greeks decided to rage against the dying of the light. They were betrayed. But never defeated. In two months (26/3) a new DiEM25 affiliated Greek party will come into being. There is no such thing as a final defeat, just as there is no final victory!”

The former FinMin also took to social media to blast EU and its policies as non-democratic.