Greece’s controversial former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has just revealed the name of his new party. The party will take part in the next elections as Greece’s electoral leg of the pan-European movement DiEM25.

After it was put to vote, DiEM25 members across the board unanimously approved the name of their new political vessel hoping to “return the spirit of democracy to the place of its birth”.

The name is EUROPEAN REALIST DISOBEDIENCE FRONT | DiEM25. MERA25, which is the Greek translation of the latin DiEM25 aspires to turn European Internationalism into a reality and a European Demos into a tangible possibility.

The description ‘European realist disobedience front’ is an attempt to encapsulate the party’s philosophy, that without disobeying the prevalent politics run by irrational men and promoting absurd ideas there will be no real change; not return to reality. They also describe the Greek DiEM25 wing as a ‘front’ since it has become a battle field, exposing the EU’s financial weaknesses and inability to deal with the refugee crisis.

Why ‘front’?
Because Greece is suffocating in a Europe that is deconstructing itself
Because, as long as countries like Greece are suffocating, Europe will be deconstructing itself, thus reinforcing the suffocation of Greece
Only a broad, unifying, pan-european front against our Oligarchy-Without-Borders, that is responsible for Greece’s debt-bondage, can ever give breathing space to Greece and relief to its citizens.

Why ‘European realist disobedience’?
Because the only way to be a responsible Greek citizen today is to disobey the ludicrous policies that are responsible for Greece’s dessertification
Because the only way of respecting Greece’s Parliamentarianism, Constitution and… common sense is to end the blind obedience to the directives of the troika and its domestic agents
Authentic Greek Europeanists, today, understand that they have a duty to disobey the incompetent pseudo-technocrats who, on the altar of narrow oligarchic interests, are sacrificing Greece while de-legitimising Europe.

Why MeRA?
Because ‘mera’ in Greek translates into ‘day’, or ‘diem’ in Latin. And because Greeks have had enough of the long night of debt bondage to which they have been condemned for so many consecutive years.”

Over the next days and weeks, DiEM25’s Greek members’ decision to create MeRA25 will lead to the new Greek party’s Manifesto.

On Tuesday 20/2 a pre-inauguration public meetings will take place in Kalamata (Municipal Cultural Centre, at 7.30pm) while, on Monday 26/3, MeRA25’s inauguration will take place in Athens.

“Until then, we call upon all European democrats who were cheered by the news of MeRA25’s impending birth, and who think this is a beginning worthy of their support, to visit this page and register their practical support,” Varoufakis continued.

“This is merely the beginning. Greece is merely the beginning. Onwards to our pan-European campaign, culminating in the May 2019 European Parliament elections!”