With Greece’s National Day coming up on Sunday 25 March, US President Donald Trump hosted a celebration on Thursday night at the White House.

The event was well-attended by both Greeks and non-Greeks, who had the opportunity to hear the president speak in honour of the men and women who fought in the War of Independence.

In his address, Trump praised Greece as the basis of Western culture and civilisation, and acknowledged that the founding fathers of the US took inspiration from the history of Greece’s city states to draft the US Constitution.

“We renew our commitment to the values and principles that make us who we are,” he said.

“We stand together for freedom and justice and democracy today and for all time.

“We take renewed confidence that whatever challenges we may face any time in the future, we will face them together… as members of a great community of nations.”

Also taking part in event was Thessaloniki-born Archbishop Demetrios of America, who praised the annual tradition, which started in 1986, and expressed his wishes for it to continue into the future.

“I’ll be here for another seven,” he said.

In his address the Archbishop also called on the US to support a number of matters of significant to the Greek American community including the heated Macedonia name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and the ongoing Cyprus issue.

The celebration also included performances by a group of young dancers in traditional Greek costume, and a live bouzouki band.