A 19-year-old student from Greece, has created the most unique and dare-we-say the coolest Playmobil-inspired figures we have ever seen.

Petros Kaminiotis, who studies Marketing and Communications at the Athens University of Economics and Business began making figurines that resemble the famous Playmobil toys at a very young age.

On his Facebook page, he shares photographs of handmade eco-friendly miniatures that look like Playmobils but are based on historical and cultural representations of people from different regions of Greece.

The colourful toys have impressed thousands on social media as they are extremely accurate representations of the Karagounides, Vlachs, and Sarakatsanides.

Kaminiotis even created a mini replica of Queen Amalia garnering interest from toy collectors and museums worldwide.

The striking figurines are currently exhibited at the National Historical Museum in Athens and have already featured in numerous exhibitions abroad.