Following the example of Sikinos, a small Cycladic gem that is taking steps to abolish the use of plastic straws on the island as part of a new ecological program titled Sea Change, Donousa island is banning single use plastic.

The initiative is being made possible with the assistance of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and aims to tackle sea pollution.

With the auspices of Naxos Municipality and Small Cyclades, Donousa becomes the first island in the Aegean to not allow any single use plastic products. What started one year ago with Sikinos and plastic straws is now calling all businesses and residents of the island to cut down on the use of plastic with the goal to completely replace all disposable products with environmentally friendly or biodegradable ones.

Naxos island Vice Mayor Dimitris Lianos said: “We are please to embrace the Sea Change Greek Islands programme on Donousa, one of our municipality’s five islands. Continuing the initiative that started one year ago, today we make Donousa the first island to ban single plastic use in the Aegean. We hope that our example will inspire more island municipalities, so that we can turn our homeland into a special place of stay and hospitality.”

The ban will come into effect on 5 April, two years before the European Union directive which will see towards a plastic-free Europe as of 2021.

All residents will receive a starter kit that will contain the Seachange Donoussa reusable cup as well as biodegradable bags and straws for businesses.