Disgraced former NSW Labor MP Milton Orkopoulos is back in prison after authorities turned down his bid for parole.

The State Parole Authority found that the convicted sex offender had been in breach of two parole conditions after being granted parole last December. Since then, he has been arrested twice for failure to comply with reporting obligations and requirements of the Child Protection Register.

The fresh charges will move through courts before the parole authority review the decision for a fresh parole appeal.

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Mr Orkopoulos had spent 11-and-a-half years in jail for 30 offences, including child sex, drug and child porn offences.

He was found in breach of his parole and was arrested in January for allegedly creating an Instagram account and not telling police about this within the required seven days. The account followed soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mr Orkopoulos was arrested again last week after NSW Corrective Services officers found he had used the mobile phone of a fellow resident at a halfway house in Malabar where he lives.

His lawyer Omar Juweinat has described Mr Orkopoulos’ parole conditions as particularly “draconian”.