According to date provided by Johns Hopkins University the global coronavirus cases are more than 2.3 million with deaths nearing 160,000.

Most hard-hit, the U.S. with over 726,600 cases and at least 38,000 deaths while the country’s healthcare system is overwhelmed.

President Donald Trump said on Saturday that “Texas and Vermont will allow certain businesses to reopen on Monday while still observing coronavirus-related precautions and Montana will begin lifting restrictions on Friday”.

“We continue to see a number of positive signs that the virus has passed its peak,” Trump told reporters at a daily briefing.

Some state governors have warned, however, that they will not act prematurely to reopen their economies until there is more testing.

State parks will reopen on Monday for visitors wearing face masks, with social distancing required, The Dallas Morning News reported.

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In the meantime, healthcare workers across the country are taking to the streets to demand safer working conditions and more personal protection equipment to help them fight the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The U.S. is followed by Spain at 191,726 cases, Italy with 175,925 infections, France at 149,146 and Germany at 142,751.
    In terms of fatalities, the U.S. is followed by Italy at 23,227, Spain at 20,043, France at 18,681 and Britain at 15,464.
  • Germany added another 2,458 new cases which brought its total number of infections to 139,897, the latest data from the country’s public health institute showed on Sunday. The latest number of new cases reported was much lower than the 3,609 infections announced on Saturday and 3,380 announced on Friday.
  • Singapore reported 942 new coronavirus cases as of Saturday noon — it was the highest number of cases recorded in a single day for the country.
  • China’s National Health Commission said Sunday that there were 16 new diagnosed cases of Covid-19, of which 9 came from those returning from overseas. The country, where the new coronavirus was first reported in the city of Wuhan, has reported 4,632 deaths and 82,735 cases so far.
    There were 44 new asymptomatic infections, where people tested positive for the coronavirus but showed no symptoms.
  • Britain confirmed on Thursday that it would prolong its coronavirus lockdown for at least three more weeks. But the government shed little light on how it might eventually relax restrictions without causing another surge in infections. Coronavirus cases in the U.K. sit at 114,217 with 15,464 deaths.
  • Israel has reported at least 164 deaths and nearly 13,300 13,822 cases of COVID-19, as of Saturday evening. However, infection rates have generally declined over the past two weeks, according to Israeli health ministry data.
  • Turkey has reported 82,329 confirmed coronavirus cases, registering the highest number of infections in the Middle East.
  • Iran partially reopened its capital, Tehran, allowing “low-risk businesses”, including shops, factories and warehouses to resume operations even though it still ranks quite high.
  • In Nigeria, the president’s chief of staff, Abba Kyari, was the highest-profile death in the West Africa.
  • Finally, Sweden’s herd immunity policy is being heavily critised by the world as The Public Health Agency announced 13,822 cases and a death toll of 1,511 people from Covid-19. This is a rate of 118 per million inhabitants, compared with 55 in Denmark and just 13 in Finland, both of which imposed strict early lockdowns to curb the virus’s spread.

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