Castellorizian girl part of swanky hotel’s mega mural towering over Perth

The Adnate's unique painting celebrates multiculturalism that characterises the city

A new 27-storey Perth hotel features a work by one of the world’s most famous big-wall painters with a Greek theme.

Called ‘The Adnate’, after Australian artist Matt Adnate, who created the imposing mega mural on the west-facing side of the $90 million Accor Art Series hotel on Hay Street.

The huge painting on its wall features three children from different cultural backgrounds, including a lady from Greece – easily identified by her Castellorizian headpiece.

“Initially the building was created, that was part of the ‘Art’ series that belongs to the Accor franchise, one of the greatest chains of hotels worldwide,” hotel owner George Atzenis told Neos Kosmos. “Other hotels that belong to this company include the Novotel, Sofitel, etc. So when I booked the grounds, they approached me from Accor and told me they wanted to add it to their ‘Art’ branch.

The large painting on the side of the 27-story ‘Adnate’ hotel. Photo: Supplied

Later on, I spoke with a talented young artist, a beautiful soul, his name was Matthew Adnate and he’s created some of the greatest paintings in the world, I think one of his biggest works is in Canada. And he brought up the idea for the painting to me when I was already looking for a way to give it its own Australian ‘touch’, which I thought it was lacking.

“For example, when you go to Hawaii, or some other country, you can feel them promote the local element towards their visitors and tourists. And so this situation came up where I was given a very tempting offer, to which of course I said ‘yes’. Because this wall was 27 storeys high and was facing the east, it was the perfect canvas for what the artist wanted to achieve. At the top of the artwork is a young boy named Nathan, who’s one of Matthew’s close friends. In the middle you can see a young girl from India and below her is another from Castellorizo.”

Mr Atzemis explained how the Greek girl came to be included as part of the mural. “One night, I hosted Matthew over for dinner and he told he would really like to include something of my own heritage within his creation. So he chose my granddaughter, Gemma, who can be seen in the painting wearing the traditional Castellorizian headpiece on her forehead.”

The creation is a gift to the city of Perth, and it faces the city for all to enjoy.

“I’d like to think that it’s not simply a great piece of art for the centre of our town, but that it also represents our nation, since it displays many people from different cultures. It is a symbol of Perth but also the whole of Australia and the Greek contribution within the city that is now recognised by all,” Mr Atzenis said.