Greece sent its Special disaster Force (EMAK) to Lebanon on Wednesday, following two blasts which flattened the port area of Beirut.

The EMAK unit includes 13 rescue staff, specially trained dogs and required equipment, and was the first to arrive in Beirut on a C130 military plane, to express Greece’s solidarity in the tragedy.

The Greek government has confirmed that five Greek nationals were injured in the blast in Beirut. Diplomatic sources say that two of the nationals maintain serious injuries, and the death of a Greek woman has also been confirmed.

The same sources state the Greek Orthodox hospital in the Lebanese capital is no longer functioning. Patients there have been transferred to other hospitals.

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The Greek embassy in Beirut, which suffered some structural damage as a result of the blast, is in contact with Lebanese authorities.

Greek citizens in Lebanon should contact the Greek Embassy in emergency situations on 00961 78990315 and 00961 81507061, as well as the foreign ministry’s Crisis Management Unit at the phone line +30210368 1730 and the e-mail: