A new task force has been charged with luring international businesses and talented individuals from countries around the world, including Greece.

The initiative, which kicked off on Friday, was announced by Acting Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs Minister Alan Tudge. He said the global context had significantly changed and many talented people and businesses will now be looking to places like Australia.

The new Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce will bring together experts from across the Commonwealth, States and Territories as well as the private sector as part of the Government’s JobMaker plan.

Senior business leader Peter Verwer AO has been appointed as the head of the Taskforce.

Mr Tudge said Australia is looking for “global super talent” as “these are the real job-making migrants that we want to attract. They might be the entrepreneur, the serious investor, the tech whiz that everyone wants”.

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Though top-notch businesses and individuals from around the world can join the program the countries to be targeted will be the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“We want to capitalise on this and be very focused on attracting key businesses and global super talent to Australia,” Mr Tudge said.

“This will aid our recovery and boost jobs for Australians.”

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The initial focus will be on three key sectors: advanced manufacturing, financial services (including FinTech) and health.