Adelaide couple pulls their wedding together in only five hours

Imagine if you were given the challenge to throw together a big, fat Greek wedding, preparing everything from church to clothes, cake to flowers, cars and guests, in just five hours, could you do it?

Greek-Australian newlyweds Tanya and Stan Kapoulitsas from Adelaide accomplished the near impossible and now enjoy married life, along with the fame they gained as the couple who organised a wedding in record time.

This of course was not the young couple’s intention, after planning their dream wedding for months that was initially meant to take place in June 2020.

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As our wise people say, ‘when people plan, God laughs’, although in this case it was the coronavirus that partied on at the expense of their dreams and plans.

“The wedding was postponed in June due to the ban that allowed us to have only ten people. We are a family of five, so you understand that we could not even have our parents present. We then moved the date to November 21st,” Ms Kapoulitsas told Neos Kosmos.

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The time flew by and on 18 November the then bride-to-be was looking forward to her upcoming wedding until she heard the South Australian government would be locking down for the second time.

“My heart broke. I was so upset, because this time we were so close, everything was ready,” Ms Kapoulitsas said.

She called her groom-to-be and explained the unpleasant news, upset that they would have to postpone their big day once again.

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Puzzled by the news, Mr Kapoulitsas asked his future wife for some time to inform his employees and get organised before shutting shop. A mere 15 minutes later he called her back and asked “do you want to get married tonight?”.

Panicked, Ms Kapoulitsas initially opposed the proposal, wondering how many things she had to do in a few hours, but Mr Kapoulitsas insisted.

“Father Nikolaos can marry us tonight at 8:30. What do you say?”

“Okay, so let’s do it!” she responded.

From that moment on, the couple flew into a frenzy in order to have everything ready by the evening.

The enthusiasm and positive energy of the couple transmitted itself faster than the coronavirus to all those involved who did their best so the bride and groom could have the wedding they dreamed of and deserved.

“It was all wonderful, like a fairy tale,” Ms Kapoulitsas said, recalling the most beautiful moment of her life and seizing the opportunity to thank all the professionals who did their best, surpassing all expectations.

“We would not have made it without them.”

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The guests also proved their readiness, with about half of the 150 invited to the 21 November ceremony managing to respond to the sudden change of invitation.

Mr and Ms Kapoulitsas are now basking in the joy of married life, noting “what really matters is the sacrament that is performed in the church and not the reception that you can throw at any time”.

As for the honeymoon to Greece and Cyprus, the Kapoulitsas’ will have to wait until next year, “unless something unexpected happens again,” Ms Kapoulitsas said, who despite all the setbacks and postponements, chooses to think only positively.

“Whatever you put out into the Universe, will always come back to you,” she explained confidently.

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Translated by Marianna Alepidis