You have just a few days to submit your poem relating to the Greek revolution against Ottoman rule as part of 25 March celebrations in Naoussa that includes works from the diaspora.

The Movement for Poetry And Arts, based in Naoussa is inviting poets from the Diaspora to “join their voices from all around the globe to participate in the celebration of 25 March with their own poems.”

A spokesperson for the organisation said that a Naoussa choir would be singing historic songs of celebration that depicted the course of events that led Greece from Revolution in 1821 to liberation.

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“The program is dedicated to an English-speaking audience and the poetic prose describs scenes from all heroic cities of Greece, without mentioning violence.”

For those who can can contribute their poem to this event, send your work by 19 March to: or inbox Xanthi Hondrou-Hill through Facebook Messenger.