On Wednesday, the Greek Australian Cultural League (GACL) went on to the streets of Melbourne to gauge people’s reactions to this year’s Antipodean Palette 2021 exhibition entitled “Metamorphosis” which is displaying on posters on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD at DuckBoard Place.

Last year’s exhibition, entitled “Isolation” reflected the state of isolation that was imposed on us all by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s theme of “Metamorphosis”  not only reflected the change of conditions for the better but also drew on the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek struggle for independence from Ottoman rule.

Members of the league spoke to people on the streets about their impressions of the exhibition and the works shown.

Patrick (worker in the CBD):
Question: What does Metamorphosis mean to you?
Answer: Changing from one state to another, the art works display different aspects, different ideas and experiences, … different colours.

Do any of the art works appeal to you?
I like the heads (“One Eye” by Efrosini Chaniotis) because they portray different identities of one person…. I also like the heart and rib cage with the Greek flag which brings out country, love of country (“From the Bones Arisen” by Katerina Prifti), the other one that has impressed me is (Dryad) the forest incorporating the human form with nature, we should be more aligned with nature… also the boats (“Boats Metamorphosis I” by James Pasakos) stand out for me because I like the sea- the steam boat in the background, and the wooden boat in the foreground showing change throughout history, more advances from paddle boats to steam boats, technological changes, evolution of time…

Brendan (works in the art sector):
When did you first see the exhibition?
I go past here every day and I first saw the exhibition yesterday morning and was most impressed. I have already used some of the QR codes to look up the artists.
When you are looking at the art work what comes to mind? Does the word “Metamorphosis” come to mind?
All the images show change, evolution, the butterfly (“Change, A symbol of Life” by Thalia Andrews), sticks out straight away which displays this change.
Which other works stand out for you in the same way?
This is a bit hard to answer because everyone is so different in interpreting the theme. I think the skull (“Pandora’s Box” by Aphroditi Karalis), the pregnant woman (“New Life, self-portrait” by Konstantia Gogou) the change of the female body and also the image with the wings (“Freedom, Ελευθερία” by Virginia Polendankis), have impressed me the most.
Overall, do you think that it is an appealing exhibition?
There are at least half a dozen which I would not mind having in my home…I would have to convince my wife, though… they are “Dreaming” by Helen Sartinas, “Change – A symbol of Life” by Thalia Andrews, and “From the Bones Arisen” by.

Tara and Elektra:
What does “Metamorphosis” mean to you and is it represented in these works?
(Tara) It means transitioning into something else, like a caterpillar into a butterfly, I do like the “One Eye”, it is very Picasso-like, from the classics into modern art.
(Elektra) Helen Sartinas’ “Dreaming” wanted me to wear the traditional Greek costume to show her connection with Greek traditions but still wanting to be modern – much like today’s society, something along those lines, holding to the past but still existing in the present.
Apart from the “One Eye” image is there any other that strikes you?
(Elektra) I am intrigued by the BW scans (“Flux – Do Not Trust Yourself in these Speedy Waters” by Masonik) in the middle, look like images of bodies, like hieroglyphics. Also, the pregnant lady, (“New Life, self-portrait” by Tina Sideris) does this represent the Garden of Eden? Is this the snake winding itself around Adam and Eve?
Do you think that the word “Metamorphosis” and all the information which is repeated on all the images detracts from the art work?
(Tara) I do not think that it takes away from the work, the art matches the word, and the focal point remains the art work. Most impressed with the entire exhibition.
Is there anywhere we can see these images?
Use the QR code on each image and visit our website- www.gacl.com.au

Joanne (art teacher):
What do you think of these posters?

I like the concept behind it but I thought that it was advertising an art exhibition, I did not realise that this is the actual art exhibition. I would not be going from real art work to a poster…..
I like the idea of using social media to advertise the work and to make it accessible to the younger generation, the QR code is great.
Is there an image(s) that stands out for you?
I like the “One Eye” and “The Metamorphosis of Navarino Bay” by Maritsa Nikos.

“New Life – Self Portait by Konstantina Gogou. Photo: Supplied
“Boats Metamorphosis I” by Jimmy Passakos. Photo: Supplied
“Change – A Symbol of Life” by Thalia Andrews. Photo: Supplied
“Dreaming” by Helen Sartinas. Photo: Supplied
“Freedom” by Virginia Polendakis. Photo: Supplied
“From the Bones Arisen” by Katerina Prifti. Photo: Supplied
“One Eye” by Efrossini Chaniotis. Photo: Supplied
“Pandora’s Box” by Aphroditi Karalis. Photo: Supplied


Tina Sideris. Photo: Supplied