The film on the life of St Nektatrios, “Man of God” remains at the top of the Greek and Cyprus box offices for the fourth week in a row with over 270,000 attending since its release on 26 August.

Directed by Serbian-American Yelena Popovic, the film stars Aris Servatalis in the lead role with a stellar supporting cast that includes Russian Alexander Petrov and American Mickey Rourke as well as a number of leading Greek actors.

Screenings of “Man of God” have sold out and it is the first film in a decade to keep its status at the top of the Greek and Cypriot box office for four consecutive weeks. It has kept its place despite several big-budget film entries, such as Marvel’s latest blockbuster “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and Clint Eastwood’s “Cry Macho”.

“Man of God”, now entering its fifth week since release, has appealed to all age groups and is currently showing on over 100 screens. The film is expected to continue to do well in the autumn season when films will be screened in covered cinemas rather than the mostly open-air cinemas of summer.

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The film is scheduled for theatrical release in the Russia and the countries within the former Yugoslavia.

The dates for the film’s release in Australia and New Zealand are yet to be announced.

Close up of Greek actor Aris Servatalis in the lead role as St Nektarios in “Man of God”. Photo: manofgodthemovie.Facebook