The Greeks are coming but not in their black ships. They arrive in a mission of for peace, beauty, and learning.

Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes includes 170 objects that relay an ancient and enduring story of the bravery and competitive spirit of our ancestors.

Among them are also images and figures of everyday life such the ancient statuette of women playing knuckle bones.

We Hellenes flourished in the arts, sport, and battle. We inspired excellence in music and drama. Competition underpinned every aspect of Ancient Greek life that sparked of a universal civilisation, which we are inheritors of and have gifted to all.

Photo: National Museum of Australia

The winged goddess of victory, Nike, (500BCE) will grace us, the gorgeous Aphrodite (100CE) will seduce us, and we will be awed by athleticism of the beautiful Discus Thrower. The magnificent silver and gold acorn necklace from 500 BCE may as well be as new as anything we see now. From the ethereal and sublime to the engaging and daily we will glimpse into our past.

This impressive collection from the British Museum should not be missed by anyone.

The program includes Greek school tours, discussions, and much more.

It is not often that we have a chance to see some of the most important artefacts from Ancient Greece whose impact has been both profound and universal. This is an auspicious occasion and we at Neos Kosmos are honoured to be one of the supporters of Ancient Greeks Athletes, Warriors and Heroes.

Tickets are already on sale. You can book a physical or online experience here.