Maybe third time lucky for Greek Australian director and Visible Studios

Nick Kozakis speaks to Neos Kosmos about another ARIA nomination, and how the cast and crew worked so hard to make the impossible happen in their music video 'Won't Sleep'

Up against the very best, a Visible Studios’ music video has been nominated once again for an ARIA.

It’s the third year in a row that Greek Australian director, Nick Kozakis, with the team at Visible Studios has been nominated for an ARIA award, after another successful collaboration with record-breaking artist ‘Tones and I’.

Artist Tones and I with Nick Kozakis. Photo: Sina Salsali

“Won’t Sleep” is another catchy hit by Tones and I, that takes off in an amazing horror-themed party, directed on the set of the Palais Theatre, by Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly. The beautiful theatre in St Kilda was transformed into a horror site by “One stop art shop” .

“With a love for horror and music videos, combined into one, it was lots of fun. I grew up watching music videos and watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller,” the Greek Australian director told Neos Kosmos, adding that it gave them the opportunity to take something from all of their favourite icons into the making of this video.

Photo: Sina Salsali

More than a hundred professional and upcoming dancers from the Ministry of Sound, move in synch, alongside Tones and I, who is once again transformed.

“We had a huge make up department because all our dancers had unique prosthetic makeup,” Kozakis says.

“It was lovely to work with trained professional dancers because they were so in line. We would change the angle and they knew what was going on and what they needed to do.”

This worked in favour of a very tight schedule which meant that all the filming had to be completed within two days. “We had over 120 setups to shoot but we managed to make it work”.

The talented team at Visible Studios. Photo: Sina Salsali

Nick Kozakis, explained that Tones had already envisioned the video, when she contacted him for its creation.

“She wanted all these performers, prosthetic makeup and a horror theme visual style. And she wanted to throw everything into this passion project of hers, which was in theme with her album release ‘Welcome to the Madhouse’.”

The music video “Won’t Sleep” is open to a public vote until 24 November when the winners will be announced. You can vote more than once at for the best artists of 2021.

Photo: Visible Studios

“We encourage everyone to go and vote. Even if it is not for ours, it is good for the industry. There are so many talented people we are up against. If we win the vote or not, it is just really good to be acknowledged for it.

And more importantly and it is really good for the cast and crew who worked so hard to make the impossible happen,” Kozakis says and adds “Maybe third time lucky!”

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