Nana Mouskouri, 87, shared her battle with COVID-19 with fans on her Facebook page.

In a post in the Greek language she revealed that she had been struck by COVID-19 last September and felt the need to thank her doctors and nurses for their devotion to her in the battle against coronavirus.

She said that even though she was fully vaccinated, she was unable to avoid hospitalisation. As a result, she was treated for four weeks at Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG), where the 87-year-old star said she received the best possible treatment.

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Grateful to have recovered, she said that the situation could have been much worse. “We should vaccinate to protect ourselves against COVID,” she said, encouraging people to “trust science and doctors”.

“A big thank you also to the tireless researchers who created the vaccine in such a short space of time,” she said.