VASSY has officially tied the knot

A new chapter in the artist's life begins, while her music hits the two billion stream mark

It was less than two months ago when VASSY (Vassy Karagiorgos) spoke to Neos Kosmos announcing her imminent marriage with her Greek-American soulmate, Panayioti.

The Greek-Australian star, who resides in the US creating music hits now surpassing two billion streams, has a significant following and is quite active on social media, but she has been one of the most private celebrities when it comes to sharing her personal life.

Both family oriented, VASSY and Panayioti, wanted to share a traditional ceremony with family and close friends. Even though Panayioti is not a fan of publicity he makes rare appearances on VASSY’s profile, always showing his support for her events and career milestones.

But who is Panayioti and how did they meet?

“He’s simply the best,” VASSY enthuses, musing about the first time they met four years ago at the opening of the Los Angeles Greek film Festival.

“I’m so lucky to have met an incredible man. He is the love of my life. My soulmate. And my best friend.”

“We share the same values fundamentally. We are different, yet we have the same upbringing he’s also Greek like I am but we were both born and raised outside of Greece. We have a lot in common.”

VASSY in her beautiful, custom made wedding gown Tatiana Hoffmann with the sunset as her backdrop. Photo: by George Fragopoulos

They both love the great Hellenic culture; going to Greece every year and speak the language.

“Everyone loves him, he’s just that kind of guy. I just feel myself around him I can be authentically me when I’m with him. He’s also very cool and respects my career. He’s not a jealous guy, he’s a very confident man in a quiet classy way. He embraces me and supports my career which is amazing and difficult for women to find sometimes. I’m very blessed that we met!”

Without any overthinking the couple put the plan together pretty quickly, even though everything was “very last minute”.

“We decided to do get married in Darwin, Australia where my family is,” VASSY tells Neos Kosmos.

“At first we wanted to do Greece, but I’ve been out in Australia since January working on some projects spending time with my family since the borders opened up and my fiancé at the time suggested he come out to visit me.

“Then, he also suggested: ‘Why not do the wedding in Australia?'”

VASSY and Panayioti got married at the Greek church in Darwin and then celebrated at a beautiful waterfront location where the reception was held. The wedding took place on the four year anniversary of the day they met, while Los Angeles Film Festival celebrated their 16th anniversary. “It’s kind of interesting how the universe works, VASSY says.

For the wedding, VASSY wore a simple yet elegant dress made by local designer Ttianna Hoffman.

“It’s exactly what I wanted, a very elegant white wedding dress, not too over the top. I did not want a big production but I still wanted something feminine and classy,” she explains while once again, sharing her gratitude for meeting her partner.

“My wedding day marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It’s special because this is the day that I marry the love of my life my soulmate my partner my better half. I never thought that existed until I met my husband.”

VASSY and Panayioti at the reception. Photo: by George Fragopoulos

VASSY has always been a career girl, as that’s kept her pretty busy often thinking that it is not possible to have it all in life.

“When I met my husband it just clicked and all made sense. It’s possible to find true love!”

VASSY is not putting her career aside either. While she is still in Australia enjoying her special time with her loved ones she plans to return to Los Angeles at the end of June as she has several concerts planned in America.

“I have a campaign a new release out right now around Australia and I’m getting ready to release new songs,” she says.

“My current song is currently number 18 on the Aria Club charts in Australia. And I just recently had a big milestone with my two billion stream mark. I’m very proud of that!”

And whilst the wedding was slotted in between her career goals and hectic schedule, VASSY shares a more personal target that could change everything. VASSY and Panayioti are going to go to Greece in September for their actual honeymoon.

“Panayioti was in Australia and we spent lots of time out here with my family. Hopefully soon we can move back to Australia! This is something that we are thinking about,” she says before sharing an even bigger plan.

“Married life doesn’t change much for me in terms of my career although we are going to try and start a family so things might change a lot once that happens!”

As VASSY always says: Have a plan A. Don’t have a plan B. If her trajectory has proven one thing, it is that this woman will not stop unless she makes her dreams a reality.

VASSY and Panayioti posing against the sunset. Photo: by George Fragopoulos