The Bentleigh Cobras will face off against Kingston City FC on Wednesday night in the competition’s final round robin game to determine the quarter final lineup for the coming weekend.

Last weekend saw 4 matches play out at Mill Park FC where some scintillating soccer produced electrifying outcomes.

South Melbourne Hellas defeated East Kew 3-0, thus qualifying first place in Group One and setting up their quarter final clash with archrivals Heidelberg FC who placed second in Group Two.

West Preston won their matchup against Malvern City 2-0 topping Group Two, delivering them to the quarter finals pitted against Group One’s second placers East Kew.

The remaining quarter final fixtures hang in the balance pending Wednesday’s result.

Action shot from Saturday’s game between South Melbourne and East Kew. Photo: Kostas Deves

Both the Oakleigh Cannons and Mill Park have already qualified, with Oakleigh trouncing the Doncaster Rovers 5-0 last Saturday and Box Hill defeating Kingston 3-2 in the last of the past weekend’s four matches.

Oakleigh Chairman Kon Kavalakis sang the tournaments praises.

“Growing up and playing the game from a very young age, I used to look forward to the Hellenic Cup back in the days,” he said.

“This tournament brings back all these special memories I had growing up and playing the game I love.”

“I commend the Greek Community for this wonderful initiative allowing our kids, to have the opportunity to experience what we did and still cherish to this day,” he added.

Kingston FC coach Kon Tangalakis congratulated the GCM on bringing to life a tournament which “brings friends together that may not necessarily cross paths throughout the season.”

“Having been involved in the All Nations Cup and experiencing the euphoria after having won the tournament with Greece, I can honestly say that it was one of the highlights and special moments that I will always cherish in my involvement in the game.”

He highlighted the important role the Greek Community Cup fills in providing “a wonderful opportunity to mingle and network amongst our community,” he said.

Michael Karamitos, GCM Vice President also shared his enthusiasm.

Goal-side shot from Saturday’s game between West Preston and Malvern City. Photo: Kostas Deves

“Can’t wait for the next round of matches. The stage is now set for the quarter finals, with some mouth-watering matches to be played and I encourage all football lovers to come and support what has definitely been a wonderful event thus far.”

The Greek Community Cup now progresses to its quarter finals following Wednesday’s match.

They’ll take place this weekend at Mill Park FC, Partridge Street Reserve, Lalor.

Quarter Finals

South V Heidelberg

East Kew v West Preston

Oakleigh Cannons v Second place in Group 4

Mill Park v First place in Group 4.