Following a pandemic hiatus, Alphington Grammar is resuming in full its flagship ‘Gateways’ program offering once again overseas travel opportunities to students.

The program, providing students with a deeper cross-cultural understanding of the world, was introduced in 2014 as part of the school’s mission “to develop students into well-rounded and world ready individuals” and “help shape them into active global citizens.”

The Gateways Program for Years 9 and 10 students was designed along interconnected themes to provide “truly effective international education,” the school management says.

Students travel with their teachers and peers to study firsthand the diversity of ethnicities and their contribution to identity in the Northern Territory or internationally, to develop critical thinking skills, independence, and a global mindset.

Due to the impacts of the pandemic in recent years, students have only been able to travel within Australia. This year, the school will once more open up the international option to travel overseas.

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“The extremely high uptake of this option amongst students is testimony to their enthusiasm and the popularity of the program.”

In 2023, Alphington Grammar will be sending two groups of students on the international experience, totalling over 100 students and staff, while one group of 25 students will undertake the Australian experience.

The four-week international itinerary includes a study of the culture, lifestyles, economy, and environments of London, Rome, Sicily, and Greece, and a trek through the Samariá Gorge in Crete.

The Australian program will take place in the Northern Territory with the itinerary including stops in Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield National Park.

Immersion within these culturally diverse communities aims to support students in increasing their awareness of political, economic, legal, national, and international issues, as well as their role within them as global citizens, as they begin to consider their future pathways.

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“Our Gateways program is one of the most memorable and profound educational experiences our students will undertake in their school journey,” says Principal Dr Vivianne Nikou.

“It remains one of the highlights of secondary school and has far reaching implications on the development of a growth mindset, a much-needed asset for employability in the 21st century.”

Visit the Alphington Grammar Campus and meet students and staff at their Open Day, on Saturday 4 March, 10am to 1pm.

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