The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias, has announced that he will visit Australia on March 25 after a program of visits to Latin America.

Mach 25 also commemorates Greece’s Independence Day. Dendias has been on a global diplomatic campaign since last December, visiting Balkan, European and Middle Eastern nations, such as Lebanon and Israel.

Dendia’s visit to Australia had been announced for a long time but only now seems to have been finalized. Dendias was also the first European politician to visit Israel after that nation’s elections.

Greece’s Foreign Affairs minister is on a concerted drive to augment Greece’s international positioning. His scheduled visit to Australia will no doubt include meetings with Australian government and opposition politicians.

He will no doubt also meet leaders of the Greek Australian community and participate in Greek Independence Day celebrations. Of course, while the announcement was made in Greece’s media, the schedule may change will change given Greece has entered an electoral cycle.