Dr. Eugenia Arvanitis, Assistant Professor of Interculturality & Diversity in Education at the University of Patras, Greece has announced her candidateship in the upcoming Greek election.

The Greek Australian author and educator made the announcement that she will be joining the PASOK-KINAL party in the Lefkada district through her personal Facebook account.

Dr Arvanitis lived in Melbourne between 1995-2005 focusing on multiculturalism, education for culturally and linguistically diverse communities and ethnic language maintenance policies.

Having chaired the Centre of Community History and Education at RMIT University in Melbourne and served as a member of the Globalism Institute/RMIT while lecturing as the university’s Greek Language Program co-ordinator. Dr Arvanitis also had a significant contribution in the project planning of the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria.

Dr Arvanitis currently teaches at the Post Graduate Program LRM Language Education for Refugees and Migrants of the Hellenic Open University and has worked for a number of divisions in the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (2006-2012).

She has been involved in policy development for intercultural, adult, and immigrant education in Greece as well as coordinating the Forum on Intercultural Dialogue and Learning at the University of Patras, Greece, and is the editor of Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations Research Network.

Dr Arvanitis is also the author of several research papers (www.ecedu.upatras.gr/services/site/prosopiko.php?sm=22&teacher_id=114) and one book titled Greek Ethnic Schools in Australia in the late 1990s.