At the beginning of 2023, Neos Kosmos shared an open call from Melbourne-based organisation ‘Enosi Association’ raising awareness for a fundraiser event held on 4 March, seeking to cover the costs of an 8-year-old child’s medical support and upcoming surgery costs.

“We were able to raise the funds through the kindness and participation of the public in the “Hope for Mariah” fundraiser, the amount raised was $73,060.15 and $58.00 in coins,” President of Enosi, Arthur Minas told Neos Kosmos.

Mariah with her father. Photo: Supplied

“Enosi Association and the family are very pleased that you and everyone who participated helped make this fundraiser become a reality and raised this amount. One of Enosi’s commitments is donating 100 per cent of the funds raised through events to the family in need.”

Mariah, who was born premature has development conditions making her vulnerable to disease; she has lost her hearing completely, relying on a cochlear implant on the left ear, while three years ago she braved her first major surgery to allow for enteral tube feeding.

The check. Photo: Supplied

At 10 days old, she picked up an E. coli superbug via her IV drip, which gave her a bleed on a part of the brain, developing Dystonic Cerebral Palsy.

Following a severe COVID infection in 2021, Mariah had to spend five weeks hospitalised, while a kidney stone removal she had to undergo caused her post-surgery illness.

Arthur Minas with Mariah and her family. Photo: Supplied

“For the children that Enosi Association takes on,” Mr Minas explained to Neos Kosmos, “we do our best to provide financial assistance for their needs, home comforts, transportation, surgical procedures and other serious needs. Another serious area that Enosi Association offers is, it unites the community, especially with families who share the same pain, it encourages and creates contact with each other which helps the exchange of information between them.”

Mariah and her parents at the event. Photo: Supplied

Running Enosi as a non-profit, the organisation members state they are dedicated to supporting children with life-threatening illnesses and their families “with integrity, listen with compassion and uplift with dignity, Mr Minas stressed.

“We need to understand the parents’ situation that seven days, 24 hours a day they live without fun or diminishing social contacts. All their energy and occupation is with their beloved child. Enosi allows them, even for one night, to feel the same as the rest of the people. To dance, have fun, get dressed up and above all to feel that they are not alone, but have the people’s advocacy and understand of their pain, and we are there for them if they need help. This lifts their morale and strengthens them to fight and hope for their child.”

The Stars International Reception Ball Room at full capacity. Photo: Supplied

True to its word, Enosi put together a spectacular even, with Con Laz in the role of MC, the live entertainment line-up included music by DJ Dion, Levendes band and Spasta band, and performances by the MANASIS school of dance, Peter Triantis as ‘ELVIS TO THE T’ while a children’s entertainment show was also part of the menu.

“We are a group of close friends who have a strong passion for our community and a share in a common vision […] lending a hand to those in their time of greatest need.”

For anyone wishing to contact Mariah’s family, contact Connie via 0417 346 035

The event exceeded expectations. Photo: Supplied
The Manasis Dance Group in action. Photo: Supplied
The orchestra. Photo: Supplied
The attendees dancing. Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
Everyone dancing. Photo: Supplied
Elvis and the dancers. Photo: Supplied