The students of the Bentleigh campus at the Greek Community Language & Culture Schools last Tuesday embarked on a special excursion with their afternoon school to visit a unique exhibition, paying tribute to the Hellenism of Anatolia.

Held at the library of the ‘Axion Esti’ monastery, the exhibition is titled ‘Asia Minor – Reflections of Everyday Life’; an initiative of the Pedagogical Institute “The Hellenism of Anatolia – From the Aegean to the Pontos” under the auspices of the Australian Federation of Pontian Associations.

Students in traditional attire. Photo: Supplied

Led by the program coordinator, Yiota Stavridou, the students explored the intricate history of the Greeks of Pontos and Asia Minor, from ancient times to the 20th century.

During the guided tour, the students were able to closely observe exhibits showcasing the everyday life of the people.

Hellenism of Anatolia, operates in the library of the monastery “Axion Estin” from 19 to 29 May, entitled “Asia Minor – reflections of everyday life”. Photo: Supplied

Traditional costumes, musical instruments, children’s toys, photographs, embroidery, textiles, furniture, and vivid images came to life before their eyes, transporting them mentally to unique places and unforgettable homelands.

To add to the experience, the students participated in a traditional dance workshop led by dance teacher Thanasis Thanos, learning and practicing traditional dances from Asia Minor, immersing themselves in the vibrant cultural heritage.

A traditional dance workshop with the dance teacher Thanasis Thanos taught students traditional choreographs. Photo: Supplied