A young Greek-Italian Australian has been selected for the Alpine Racing F1 Academy in the UK, with the Melbourne schoolgirl set to pack up her bags and move across the globe.

Aiva Anagnostiadis now looks to make history in becoming the first female Formula One driver of the modern era.

She joins the same team current McLaren racer and fellow Melburnian Oscar Piastri started his career with.

Aiva’s mum was a racer and her dad owned a kart shop, so with her parents selling their home and her go-kart to move overseas with her, it is a continued show of faith for a passion that runs in the family.

“Mum got back into it, when I was about five or six and my brother was four, and she brought us down to the track,” she told Neos Kosmos.

Aiva will follow in the footsteps of Aussies Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo to try an make it as an F1 star. Photo: aivaanagnostiadis/Instagram

“It then became a mother daughter hobby- then my brother got into it and now its whole family thing.

“They’re putting everything into it and having no regrets and just chasing the dream with me.”

They will leave at the end of December for two years and shall see what eventuates with Aiva’s racing journey – one that will see her begin with completing a full season karting in Europe for Dan Holland Racing, under Alpine.

Aiva’s parents are also involved with the sport, with her father owning a kart shop. Photo: aivaanagnostiadis/Instagram

After next year, she hopes to move into cars, having just driven karts, but she had done enough to impress Alpine with her karting and in France as Australia’s karting representative for the FIA Motorsport Games.

As a current high school student about to enter year 11, Aiva will continue her education virtually, and once school is done, she’s thinking about tertiary education, but would love to stay within a race team and in motorsport.

Aiva hopes that her opportunity is one of many openings for females in motorsport.

Aiva will race across Europe next year, and hopes to move into cars following that. Photo: aivaanagnostiadis/Instagram

“There’s a massive push in motorsport now for females… there’s a chance to get funding for a female to come through the ranks of Formula One, with it being very male dominated,” she said.

“Just having those opportunities, I think, it’s encouraging the younger generations to come try and make their way through as well.”

Her message for other young girls? To “just keep your head down. Don’t listen to any of the haters and keep persisting and believing in yourself.”