Melbourne honoured the 50th anniversary of the heroic uprising of Polytechnic students against the junta of colonels with a special event on Sunday.

The event organised by the Polytechnic Memory Committee took place at the Victorian Trades Hall in Carlton and attracted numerous Greek Australians of all ages, including Consul General of Greece Emmanouel Kakavelakis.

As emphasised by the speakers, “the slogan of the heroic students, Bread, Education, Freedom, remains relevant and guides us to new struggles.”

Perhaps a highlight of the event, presented by Agapi Paschou and Nikos Dallas, was when the Alphington Grammar School Youth Orchestra performed songs by Mikis Theodorakis, greatly thrilling the audience.

The main speaker was student Dimitris Tafidis, who addressed the history of the uprising and its precedents.

This was followed by a narration of works by Greek writers with references to the Polytechnic, presented by members of the Adult Group from the Drama and Arts Creative Center of the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria.

Jeremy Artis’s video was also of interest, where three Greek Australians spoke about their experiences during the uprising.

Students’ works and the programme featuring historical images from photojournalist Aristotle Sarrikostas. Photo: SBS Greek

Kalirooi Tsiati, who was a student at the Polytechnic, Dr. Stefanos Herodotou as a student in Athens, and Christos Fiffis from Melbourne shared their perspectives.

Finally, a concert by Greek Australian musicians and performers took place, including Achilles Yagoulis, Antonis Iliou, Anthi Sidiropoulou, Stelios Tsiolas, and others.

Student playing the bouzouki: SBS Greek