The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) have given a seal of approval for the 2024 Federal budget, believing it greatly benefits people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

FECCA announced a positive stance for the commitments outlined in this year’s budget, identifying multiple parts of it which support Australians from CALD backgrounds.

The Federation noted key budget measures that provide essential support to address ongoing national challenges like cost of living, housing shortages, and family and domestic violence, all of which affect Australians from CALD backgrounds.

They also commended the commitment in the budget to allow 185,000 permanent migrants, with 70% allocated to the skilled migration program, stating this initiative aligns with FECCA’s goals to enhance the integration of a skilled workforce into Australia.

They pointed to the strategic investments outlined in the budgets regarding building a skilled workforce tailored to the needs of the green economy and in strengthening the care economy, where many migrant workers are employed.

Another point of approval from FECCA is in relation to the continued support for mental health and suicide prevention initiatives, expressing the necessity of guaranteeing these resources reach the communities most in need, including those within multicultural sectors.

FECCA Chairperson Carlo Carli summarised the overall positive position they have on this year’s budget by saying “FECCA views the 2024 Federal Budget as a promising step forward for all Australians”.

“With the upcoming release of the Multicultural Framework Review Report, we remain hopeful yet cautious and encourage the government to refine its approach toward a more inclusive society,” Carli said.