The combined domestic air traffic secured by Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air last month was up 10 per cent compared with November 2012, parent company Aegean announced this week.

After four years of falling domestic traffic, Aegean reported that the two carriers, which have merged, had transported 315,000 passengers last month, against 286,000 passengers in November last year, before the merger. Destinations such as Hania, Chios, Mytilene and Ioannina have reported a rise in arrivals after four years. Subsidized routes such as Athens to Milos, Paros and Kythira also saw more passengers.

Last month the two carriers saw traffic increase on the three main domestic routes – from Athens to Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Iraklio – by 17 percent year-on-year, covering the absence of rival Cyprus Airways from these popular routes. Aegean expects its synergies with Olympic to fetch even better results next year.