The Australia First Party (AFP), the Sydney based fringe right wing political organisation lead by Dr Jim Saleam, staged another demonstration outside the Greek Consulate in Sydney, in support of the jailed Golden Dawn MPs in Greece. Τhe protest did not manage to attract more than 20 people.

It was the second time within the last three months that Australia First staged a demonstration outside the Greek Consulate in Sydney in order to oppose the “unconstitutional political imprisonment”, as they claim, of the six MPs of Golden Dawn.

“There is no real evidence to sustain the charges of ‘criminal association’ against these men. There is just show trial propaganda,” claimed the leader of AFP Jim Saleam.

The Australia First Party was founded in 1996 and is a minor fascist, protectionist, anti-multicultural, anti-global, anti-Zionist and white supremacist party that has only two local council representatives in any form of government in Australia.

The demonstrators said that their mobilisation was similar to those organised by many other nationalist movements in various countries which have protested for the release of the Golden Dawn parliamentarians.