It’s about respecting your crowd, says Best Seller, Greek DJ and producer. Always remember the audience is there to have a good time and it really is up to the DJ in the club to make sure they do.

That’s what’s at the back of Best Seller’s mind when he takes to the DJ booth of any club, anywhere in the world. And for more than 15 years, the 33-year-old has been doing just that.

Born in Piraeus, Best Seller still uses it as a base to go global with his DJ and producing work in the world of electronic dance music (EDM). He says that even though folk music is still popular in Greece, this is slowly starting to change.

“Greece is now starting to listen and to create an audience [with EDM],” Best Seller tells Neos Kosmos, “and it’s refreshing to be part of this transitional phase.

The DJ and producer has played in some of the biggest clubs all over Greece, but also across Europe as well as Australia.

“Music is different and so is clubbing all over the world. When you play in countries with a stronger dance culture the vibe is more intense.

“The Australian EDM scene for example is very vibrant and has many quality and internationally respected DJs and producers – that’s why I love playing there.”

One of the highlights of his career thus far was a gig in Sydney in 2010 at Home Club. And as a producer, one of his career highlights was working with Australian artist Karise Eden, the winner of the reality show The Voice in 2012.

“Karise Eden has an amazing voice and it’s exciting to be the first Greek artist to collaborate officially with a major Australian artist,” he says.
And the artist is now signed with Australian label SUPASTAR RECORDS. He was spotted during his two-year residency at Space Dance in Mykonos and in 2010 travelled and performed at a number of clubs in Sydney and Melbourne. He says his artistic ventures with Australia were a result of hard work, passion and people just ‘clicking’.

“We share the same passion, music and what I saw was an independent record label who has big plans for its artists – this was enough for me,” he says after meeting with the group at SUPASTAR RECORDS. He says working with Australians is a very “detailed process” but says now he’s even started to “think like an Australian”.

The track he recorded with Karise Eden Threads of Silence and his latest single We Run Away can be found on his new mixed self-titled CD that he says reflects Friday nights at PIXI Club in Athens.

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