Remember when Kermit the Frog sang that song, “It’s not easy being green”? Well, I’m pretty sure that furry little amphibian was lying, because we are living in what seems to be the age of green.

These days everything is green: cars are getting greener, we have green power, green toilet paper and cleaning products, green thumbs and everyone carries a green bag at the supermarket.

We’re measuring global footprints, riding our bikes to work and learning about ‘food miles.’

Let’s face it; these are environmentally aware times, so why not embrace the idea of a green wedding?

Eco-weddings are the latest buzzword in the bridal industry. Couples concerned about the planet and sustainability can now celebrate their union in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

It sounds a little boring doesn’t it? But I suppose when you think about it, there are a lot of environmentally naughty things that go into a wedding: all the food and drink, the big cars, the dress you only wear once, the decorations, invitations and the clean up. I suppose it all adds up.

You may think that a green wedding is only suited to those tree-hugging, lentil-eating, yoga-loving, potato-sack-wearing hippies who prefer commitment ceremonies to the patriarchal stronghold that is marriage.

But you would be wrong. You don’t have to go crazy and have a total eco wedding; with a few clever choices you can make sure your wedding doesn’t cost the earth.

Eco-friendly bonbonniere – Instead of boring old sugared almonds, give your guests a packet of seeds that they can plant when they get home.

Herbs are especially good because your guests will be able to use them, but if you’re really serious about the green thing, give each guest a native tree seedling.

They’re not only a lifelong symbol of your wedding, but they also offset carbon emissions.

Naturally inviting – The most eco-friendly choice is to not have paper invitations at all. In this day and age everyone has an email address, so why not consider online invitations?

You could even put together a website with all the details for your big day.

However, if you do decide to go with paper invites, make sure they are made of recycled paper, limit the number you send and use as few resources as possible.

Ditch the car – Say no to that hideous stretch Hummer and head to the church in style with a horse and cart or on a bike.

Tasty fare – If you can, use a caterer who uses local and organic produce. It will not only taste better, but you’ll cut down on food miles.

Keep it local – Don’t make people travel miles or interstate. Keep travel to a minimum and, if you can, organise shared transportation – like a bus – between venues.

Decorate with nature – Choose to decorate your venue with potted plants rather than cut flowers. They will add a unique feel and best of all your guests can take them home afterwards!

Donate to nature – If you’d rather not receive another toaster as a gift, do something selfless and ask your guests to make a donation to your favourite environmental charity rather than buy you a gift.

Offset, offset, offset – Embrace the current trend of offsetting. It turns out; you can offset pretty much anything from your car, your fridge and your air travel, to your computer and probably even your dog.

So why not offset your wedding?

Log onto and you can pay your way to a lighter conscience.

They will plant enough trees to neutralise the evil environmental effects of your big day.