It’s another lucky season start for the Hawthorn Spartans, and tomorrow a win will be much sweeter.

As the team readies to play the Old Xaverians with the hope of a fourth straight win, the grounds at Rathmines Road Reserve will be filling up with Greek Australian fans, as they hope to fill their football cravings with a souvlaki in hand.

The Spartans will be hosting their sponsors day today, and are inviting everyone to come see the team in action and help raise some funds by buying a souvlaki or two.

The club will also be unveiling their 2013 premiership flag which was postponed from a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, the team managed to keep their top ladder position and secure their third win in a row against Masala.

Nine individual goalkickers solidified the Spartans’ growing reputation as a strong attacking team, and didn’t give Masala any chances to change their luck. The final score Masala 1. 4 10, Spartans 21. 19 145 had the home team much worse for wear as the siren sounded.

Their match on Saturday will be one of their toughest, as they come up against the only club to have matched their three straight wins.

Things will kick off at 11.40 am at Rathmines Road Reserve, Hawthorn.