There wasn’t one thing that went wrong for the Hawthorn Spartans in one of their most important matches. Already under pressure as they took on the second best club of the division and with one of their biggest crowds thanks to the Delphi Bank Sponsor Day festivities, their Saturday match was record breaking.

Their opponents, Old Xaverians, had their three year undefeated run ruined at the hands of the Spartans, who managed to create 63 tackles, 147 overs to finish 165-64.

They have now fallen to third place, being overtaken by the Spartans’ next opponents, Mt Lilydale.

The Spartans’ round four win coincided with their Sponsor Day and Souvlaki fundraiser, which drew a lot of Greek support from the club’s fans. The club also
unveiled their 2013 premiership flag, which that now flies high at the Spartans’ home ground.

The Spartans are becoming a very tough team to beat thanks to an extremely imposing forward line that undoes most of the best defences in the division. This time the club had six individual goalkickers, keeping things tight and tidy thanks to their attacking midfield.

Their Saturday match against Mt Lilydale might prove to be a tough one, as the club will have to make up for key absences, as player Nath Kou ties the knot on the same day.

Some new recruits will be looking at the game as a time to show their worth and talent.

Hawthorn Spartans v Mt Lilydale
Saturday May 10
Kick-off: 11.40 am
Rathmines Road Reserve