Election campaigning in the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne, Victoria, (GOCMV) is heating up with the two main factions exchanging fire.

The Treasurer of the Community, Con Dikeos is following the recent broadside against the Papastergiadis’ camp by announcing his proposal for changes in the Community’s constitution.

Mr Dikeos is labelling the earlier proposal by the President of the GOCMV Bill Papstergiadis as “irrelevant” and says the constitutional amendments proposed by Mr Papastergiadis are “a deliberate attempt to divert attention from the real issues affecting the organisation.”

Mr Papastergiadis has suggested an amendment to the constitution to limit the Presidency for only two terms.

Mr Dikeos is proposing the GOCMV’s constitution and that of its’ subsidiaries, Alphington Grammar School and the Antipodes Festival, be brought in to line within the same financial period.

He is also suggesting a constitutional amendment that would compel the GOCMV to disclose its’ subsidiaries’ Financial Reports in its’ own Financial Reports.

Mr Dikeos is proposing adjustments to the preparing of the Financial Reports so that the performances of GOCMV and its subsidiaries are reported in one statement.

Additionally, the GOCMV Treasurer is recommending that any changes made to the constitutions of both Alphington Grammar School and the Antipodes Festival be approved by the GOCMV’s membership as opposed to the GOCMV Directors who are the current members of both subsidiaries.

Mr Dikeos also wants to bring a stop to the power vested in the Community board to form subsidiaries.

Instead he is proposing that such an initiative should only come about with the consent of the GOCMV membership. Mr Dikeos finally suggests the replacement of the Auditor of the Community and its subsidiaries every three years. He is pushing for these changes to come into effect at the beginning of next year.