This week might be a bye for the Hawthorn Spartans, but you can just tell that they’re desperate to get to the finish line.

Just three games remain, and three games stand in the way of keeping their winning streak.

Top of the ladder for the whole season and keeping an eight point percentage lead, the Spartans are in great stead to be premiers once again, undefeated in two seasons.

Their match last weekend stoked the fire, where they thrashed Old Geelong, 190 points to 36. The win was thanks to the impenetrable defence, conceding only seven goals. They challenged early and had 10 individual goalscorers to bring them up to the highest winning margin this season.

Their next match won’t be so easy. They take on Mt Lilydale again, third on the ladder and desperate to finish their season with a strong percentage.

After the bye, the Spartans will play on July 19 at Mercy College Sporting Oval, Quarry Road, Lilydale at 1.15 pm.

Goal kickers in Old Geelong match: A. Mitropoulos 9, T. Wise 5, A. Marguccio 4, C. Katsanevakis 3, J. Farah 2, S. Neohiritis 2, W. Gullifer 2, S. Zito 1, A. Demetriou 1, N. Criticos 1.