Three Greek teams opened the FFA Cup, and three will progress to the next stage, hopeful of meeting an A-League team.

South Springvale have kept their fairytale going and defied belief, winning their match against NSW club South Cardiff in a penalty shootout.

The team was bow 2-1 for most of the game, until a late goal by Sotirios Dimitrakopoulos equalised, forcing the game into a penalty shootout after extra time turned up fruitless.

An incredible save by Rani Dowisha saw South Springvale catapult themselves even further into the Cup, leaving the experienced club with their tail between their legs.

Sydney Olympic had a phenomenal comeback after a 1-1 draw just after the break.

Brothers Harry and Mike Gaitatszis made the difference, scoring all three goals to take Sydney Olympic into the next stage with a 3-1 win.

Queensland’s Olympic FC mimicked the score, leading early with two goals in the first half against Melbourne Knights. The Knights fought back after the break, getting a goal through but another goal thanks to Musti Jafari saw the club progress.