So last time I gave you guys a wedding update I was seemingly very far from ready. There were no wedding bands, no cake, no flowers and no invitations.
I’m pleased to announce that things have progressed – a little.

Last time I spoke of having several spirited bouts with my parents regarding the bonbonniere. I didn’t want any, my mother insisted on having them, then my husband-to-be weighed in on the discussion and now it turns out we’re having two different types of bonbonniere.

Guests who prefer their wine with bubbles will receive a commemorative champagne flute, while those who prefer their wine to be beer flavoured will get a stubby holder. Yes, you heard correctly – a stubby holder.

After all, this is a Greek/Australian beach wedding. But who knew you could get personalised stubby holders? They say things like: “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold.” Enough said.

Anyway, there are only nine weeks left until the big day. It’s rather exciting really.

During the last week things have really started coming together.

The invitations have been printed and hopefully by the time this goes to print they will be in the mail. We’ve met with the photographer, chatted to the celebrant and written down what everything is going to cost (thanks Mum and Dad).

While our wedding is pretty small, there have been countless occasions where I’ve wondered what would happen to me if I had to plan a seriously big wedding.

I mean I’ve heard of people who invite literally hundreds of people to their big day, I’m having about 90 and to be frank, it feels like thousands. If I had to organise seat allocation for more than this number I would probably have to spend the next few years in therapy.

 The gift situation has proved interesting. To be honest, the thought of receiving another lot of plates, wine glasses, vases, candles and towels strikes me as a little pointless. We’ve been living in sin for about five years now, so we’ve pretty much got all the house stuff covered.

Originally I thought it would be nice to find an amazing artwork that we loved and get people to contribute towards it, but Johnny wasn’t too keen on that. So then we thought about asking for cash, but all of our friends and family discouraged us.

 So now we’ve gone for something in-between. We’ve registered with a website called Not Another Toaster. It lets you create your own registry that contains pretty much anything you want.

So we’ve created a registry that allows people to purchase things relating to our honeymoon. We’re heading to Vanuatu for a couple of weeks, so our registry has all sorts of wonderful things like snorkelling and scuba diving trips, dinners, drinks, massages or spa treatments.

I think it’s going to help make our honeymoon even better.

Of course there are still a great number of items outstanding on the wedding preparation list. My mother needs to find an outfit, which is surprisingly taking longer than I thought (don’t worry Mum, we’ll find it this weekend); we need to decide on what sort of flowers and decorations we’re going to have; the groomsmen need to decide on what they’re wearing and I have no idea what the ceremony will be like.

If I’m to be completely honest, the guest list isn’t finalised. I mean can someone please explain the protocol to me? If someone invites you to their wedding do they receive an invite to yours?

I’m just going to go with the flow. If Johnny wants to organise an all singing, all dancing ceremony extravaganza, that’s fine. If people want to wear bikinis and Hawaiian shirts to a formal occasion, I’m going to accept it. If my caterer thinks potato salad is a gourmet option, I’m at peace. But I’ll warn you now, if my dress doesn’t fit, I will totally lose my mind.