“Greeks are barbarians to each other!” Euripides…

Frankly I’m offended by the sarcastic comments in last week’s On the Spit, “Spartans and klefts hijack King Leonidas and Pan Hellenic Games.”

This vilification of our Greek culture has no merit!

I think, the only thing that drives this behaviour is lack of respect for our Greek cultural identity.

Who’s to say On the Spit is an authority on Greek historical culture?

The authors of On the Spit cast biased assertions from the pulpit of the Neos Kosmos without fear of retribution.
You people can’t be taken seriously when you become anti-cultural.

Most people have short memories and are more anxious to be well treated, than to treat others well!

On the Spit has degraded our rich historical culture, our dignity and our pathos to preserve it for our children in Melbourne.

Think about what your achieving, it’s not all about soccer, or who is the next “firma” coming from Greece to tour Australia!

Time to grow up, ok?


Athanasios Porporis aka Polemarchos

Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne Inc.

Melbourne Vic