After making quite an impression in the world of Australian comedy, comedian Steen Raskopoulos has now been recognised as one of the best newcomers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Known for his amazing improvisation skills and witty characters, the 27-year-old Sydneysider was last week nominated for The Fosters Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, alongside five others.

Having been reviewed by The Independent as the Australian newcomer with “bags of promise and a delightfully odd bunch of characters, from a small-time businessman to a contrary feminist rapper”, Raskopoulos was praised at the famous comedy festival for finding inventive ways of getting up close and personal with his audience.

“In between skilful performances, he guides his audience into all manner of joyous interactions from disco dancing to telling ghost stories. While his tale of a neglected little boy may be too dark for some tastes, this is a sparkling debut. One to watch,” The Independent wrote.

Raskopoulos told Sydney Morning Herald he was taken completely by surprise by his own nomination – he had come to the Fringe with the modest ambition of simply surviving his first Fringe intact.

Instead, he started selling out each show after the first week, and leaves the Festival with an award nomination to top it off.

Raskopoulos began stand-up a few years ago – he was studying improvisation in Chicago when a mentor and friend ‘forced’ him to do solo.
On his social media, Raskopoulos thanked his fans for making the season behind him ‘an amazing experience’.