Whether taking a relaxing break before getting ready for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 or looking for inspiration, Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez have been spotted on Greek islands in previous weeks.

Vardalos didn’t try to play it like a celebrity and hide from fans, as she shared the photos of her family on different locations in Greece, including Athens and the island of Antiparos.

In her social media posts, the Greek Canadian actress was hinting at the idea that she’s not just visiting Greece for fun, with hashtags like “#WorkTrip #Greece.”

Alongside her actor husband Ian Gomez and her daughter Ilaria, Vardalos visited the Cycladic Museum in Athens and jokingly tweeted that her shoes were baptised by ‘Parthenon dust’.

She also got to catch up with her co-star from the movie My life in ruins, Alexis Georgoulis, posting a selfie of themselves with Athens as a backdrop.

In May, Vardalos officially announced on Facebook that a sequel to the hit film My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the works.

The Greek Canadian wrote the first and has scripted the second instalment, which will star John Corbett – her groom in the original romantic comedy.