The in-car radio and music service app, miRoamer, has been showcased at the Paris Motor Show.

The app, designed by Greek Australian George Parthimos and now owned by the company Connexion Media was demonstrated in a number of next generation enabled vehicles at the Paris Motor Show last week.

The app is now enabled with MirrorLink v1.1 connectivity, a product that connects smartphones and car infotainment systems with a simple cable or wireless connection. It also allows drivers access to their phone applications using a vehicle’s navigation screen and dashboard buttons.

The miRoamer app will be the first product to include Connexion Media’s cloud-based data analytics and telemetry service that will give companies insight into vehicle performance, geolocation, and other valuable driver and vehicle-specific information.

Also this month, Connexion Media signed an agreement with German automotive group Continental Aktiengesellschaft for the supply of radio and music content.

The deal is expected to provide a platform for the company to pursue direct deals with other third party vehicle manufacturers.
Continental Aktiengesellschaft is a leader in infotainment and security products for cars, but also manufactures brake systems, components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation and tyres.

Connexion managing director George Parthimos says the new deal and interest from the Paris Motor Show is showing how miRoamer is becoming the world’s preferred connected car infotainment.

“It is further validation that we provide among the world’s best web connected vehicle audio technologies,” he says.

The miRoamer android app is available to download from Google Play for free and will be available on iPhones shortly.