When I recently passed by the new bronze bust of Leonidas that was erected in Sparta Place, Brunswick, two aspects of the display concerned me.

Firstly I did not see any writing describing the significance of this pivotal figure from the ancient Hellenic world.

Inscriptions in Greek and English on the bust’s large base is essential in order for people observing the figure to understand who Leonidas was and the importance of the sacrifices made at Thermopylae.

Secondly, an abstract art work involving a cage full of pots and pans is positioned right in front of the Leonidas bust.

So as it stands at the moment any person walking by may well think that Leonidas is a salesperson with a brush on his head promoting kitchen utensils.

Ironically, it is the sacrifices and courage exhibited by the Spartans and others such as the Thespians during the battle of Thermopylae that has crafted the freedoms we enjoy today and therefore allow artists to express and show their work in public.

My feeling though is that the bust base should have clear inscriptions printed on it and that the artist or those responsible for the pots and pans should quietly unbolt their work and relocate it even if it’s somewhere towards the back of Sparta Place.

Petros Rozakeas Burwood East VIC