A Melbourne Poets Union bilingual, bicultural panel discussion and reading, Journeys, will explore the way in which bilingual poets’ writing has been informed by their two homelands, as they meet this weekend at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum.

While this theme has been broadly interpreted, in keeping with the Immigration Museum venue, it includes work on Journey to Australia or Journey back to my homeland.

The event will feature readings and panel discussion from notable poets Dorothy Poulopoulos as a feature reader, and Janet Galbraith with the group of refugee writers she established in 2013, Writing through fences (WTF) as well as an Open Section for emerging poets.

Other registered readers will be Santo Cazzati, Di Cousens, Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper, Joanna Liakakos, Litsa Nikolopoulos-Gogas and Lore Singer.
In the open section of the event, Wendy Fleming and Steve Smart will read from their work.

The event will be hosted on Sunday, 26 October, from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, at the Theatrette, Immigration Museum, Flinders Street, Melbourne. For further details, contact Marietta, mkleer72@gmail.com or Dorothy at dorothypoulopoulos@gmail.com