I write to you in response to the letter by Arthur Demas.

Mate, you are a champion. It so nice to see one of the younger generation grabbing the Australian identity and claiming it as their own.

We of Greek backgrounds are as Aussie as the Anglo-Celts in this country.

All of us who share a migrant experience, whether that was in the 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st century, all share a bond; a bond that ties us together because we are not of this land.

All non-indigenous people are from ‘somewhere else’ and it is our nostalgia for that place somewhere else which makes us all Aussies.

Our job is to challenge the stereotype of the blond haired, blue eyed Aussie for what is is; an inaccurate, ill-informed stereotype.

When the time comes I will be supporting Greece in the World Cup but the reality is that I will be at my proudest and happiest when I am watching Australia play.

I look to the late night barbies during the World Cup at which we will drink beer and chardonnay while we eat burnt meat because we will be re-enacting a grand Aussie tradition – the sporting bbq.

Chuck in Les Murray and Craig Foster as well as a 60 inch plasma screen and I will be in seventh heaven.

Phillip Palatsoglou Canberra, ACT