Fourteen albums later, more than 150,000 CDs sold, DJ Krazy Kon has cemented himself as the Australian Greek CD compilation king.

Recently debuting at number three on the Australian iTunes dance charts with his latest Greece 2014 Summer Sessions CD, Krazy Kon is still pinching himself.

“We always chart in world music, being a Greek CD, but to make it in the biggest chart in Australia with names such as Ministry of Sound, Calvin Harris, Stereosonic, David Guetta and the likes, it’s awesome,” he tells Neos Kosmos.

“That is 12 years of hard work right there.”

The new CD, featuring the likes of Master Tempo, Giorgos Tsalikis, Kaiti Garbi, Elli Kokkinou and Thanos Petrelis took seven weeks to put together and mix, not to mention that at the same time Krazy Kon was dealing with nine record labels in Greece.

The CD marries music genres like dance, laika, sirtotsiftetlia, zembekika, a signature style that keeps all ages happy.

“We have a great demographic of people who buy my music, from 10-year-old kids to 70-year-old parents,” Krazy Kon says.

“It’s a great mix for everyone.”

While the CD has been consecutively popular, DJ Krazy Kon hasn’t rested on his laurels. He’s worked hard on penetrating bigger, more global markets.

Firmly cemented in the Greek Australian demographic, for the last couple of years DJ Krazy Kon has been working on moving his brand overseas.

“When we started this CD series 12 years ago we were happy just to release a few CDs throughout Australia,” he says.

“Now the CD series is available in four countries – Australia, NZ, America and Canada – and it is also available worldwide on iTunes, so we are getting sales from all over the world including the UK, South Africa, and all across Europe.”

The CD series is now a bi-annual event for Krazy Kon fans, and has translated into tickets sales when he tours the compilation around Australia.

Currently the DJ is taking one of the featured artists on the CD around Australia for a national tour. Breakout Greek dance group Master Tempo performed in Sydney on Friday with Krazy Kon by their side, and will play in Melbourne and Adelaide next week.

It’s been a wild ride for Krazy Kon, who admits his expectations weren’t very high when starting the CD series.

“I never expected that we would reach this level when I started,” he says.

“There was no blueprint for this, it had never been done before. Now to be recognised worldwide, by record labels in Greece, by artists, managers and club owners is a strong thing.”

He believes the continued success is partly thanks to the fact it has broken its niche market. It’s become a CD that people interested in the best of Southern Europe’s current music trends pick up.

Over his 14 CDs, Krazy Kon has brought these tracks to a audience geographically detached, but also unknowingly has tracked the way Greek music and its industry has changed.

“Greek music continues to evolve and change and we are moving with the times and in the right direction,” he says.

The CDs have tracked the peaks and swells of artists, tracked popular trends and even paid thanks to the power of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Krazy Kon defines his current mix as “very upbeat” and admits he has a soft spot for the Master Tempo track Xamos tha gini and Giorgos Tsalikis song Tha girise o trohos.

DJ Krazy Kon’s new Greece 2014 Summer Series CD compilation is available online at (delivery across Australia) or from Metropolis Music Centre, Sounds Music Cafe (Sydney) // Oakleigh Music Centre, Caras Music (Melbourne) // Parthenon Emporium (Adelaide). Also available on iTunes Worldwide.