Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo says even if there were tensions on the track with his Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel, both tried to sort it out so there would be no hard feelings.

“Even if there were some moments on the track, we always tried to clear it up after the race, away from the cameras,” Ricciardo told

Vettel, a four-time Formula One World Champion, with his most recent title in 2013, would have found it hard to see his ‘back-up’ teammate getting podium positions.

While Vettel finished fifth in the driver rankings this season, Ricciardo finished third.

The Australian says despite the results not meeting Vettel’s own expectations, he seemed genuinely happy for his teammate’s success.

“I could feel it was pretty genuine,” Ricciardo says.

“He was happy for me, I got along with him pretty well. I know all the Mark Webber fans probably were hoping for me to say something else.”

While Vettel has secured a move to Ferrari, Ricciardo will be heading the Red Bull racing team next season.

His first point of call would be seeking redemption at the Melbourne Grand Prix next season, after his podium finish ended in disqualification over a fuel gauge.

Back in Melbourne this week, Ricciardo says he’s excited about the prospect of driving in Albert Park again.

“Even just seeing the track again in a non-racing state gets me a little bit excited,” he said.

“Proving it to myself that I can get the car dialled in around here in wet and dry conditions gives me a lot of confidence.”